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It’s the most wonderful time of year! Christmas is upon us and here at Fixate, we couldn’t be more excited for the festive season.


But with the joy of the season comes countless Christmas parties and the classic Christmas chaos. Don’t stress, we’ve got you covered with the perfect stocking filler or Secret Santa gift no matter who you’re giving to.


Keep that Christmas cheer and follow Fixate Gel Pad’s guide to the perfect Christmas Secret Santa.

How to PLay

  1. Gather your co-workers or group of friends.

  2. Set your office/group rules and budget limit. (This is very important!)

  3. Write down everyone's names on a pieces of paper and place them inside a container.

  4. Next, have everyone pull out a name at random - this is their gift recipient, make sure everyone keeps their giftee's name a secret.

  5. Set a date to exchange gifts. Christmas tunes and snacks help to add to the Christmas cheer.

  6. Once the day has arrived, place all the gifts in a pile, each labelled with the recipient’s name.

  7. Have everyone open their gifts one by one and try to guess who their Secret Santa was.

Do's & Dont's

Don't - Give Money or a Gift Card - This is the most boring gift to give someone in a Secret Santa game. Be creative and get more involved in the game by taking the time to find something interesting to give.

Don't - Give a Prank Gift - We know that giving your boss a whoopee cushion sounds hilarious and you think it’s the perfect gift, but just don't... Trust us.

Do - Set a Budget and Stick to it - This isn't the time to flaunt your Christmas bonus, no one likes a show off!

Do - Be Thoughtfully Creative - This is a great chance to learn more about your co-workers and build lasting relationships - find out what they're into and gift intentionally.

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Secret santa by fixate gel pads

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