• The Original Fixate Gel Pad™ Pack

    Containing one of each super sticky shape, a triangle and a circle.

    Original Fixate Gel Pad Pack

    SKU: 1001
    • Circle

      80mm diameter


      80mm x 80mm x 80mm

    • Various surfaces, materials, and shapes affect the adhesiveness and duration of the Fixate hold. If the object you are trying to fix is heavy or expensive we recommend using more than one Fixate Gel Pad™ to securely hold the object. We advise testing the surface and object you are using with Fixate in a safe environment prior to use.


      Fixate Gel Pads™, Frosted Concepts, and any related persons or groups are not liable in any way for any damage to your belongings, surfaces or self when using Fixate Gel Pads™.

    Technical Data Sheet

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